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If you read our blog, we know you care about green spaces, sustainable food, and healthy neighborhoods. Maybe you’re a Greenmarket shopper or a window box gardener. Maybe you’re a beekeeper or a commercial farmer. Maybe you know the ins and outs of urban growing, or maybe you’re just struggling to keep your kitchen basil plant alive. Whatever your background, chances are you have some knowledge to share and some questions to ask.

Wondering how to keep pests away from your rooftop planters? A fellow gardener may have a tip for you. Want to start a local buyers’ coop or subscribe to a farm share? Someone nearby is hoping for the same thing. Did you just stumble across a jewel of a garden in your area? Your neighbors might like to know.


In a city where agriculture has taken root, our richest resources are each other. That’s why we’re inviting you to join the discussion over at our online forums.

Get Dirty NYC! is all about connections, and our latest project is designed with you in mind. Our forums are a one-stop meeting place to ask questions, trade tips, plan projects, keep up to date on city farming news, and otherwise dig in to the remarkable urban agriculture community in New York. Whether you’re a longtime follower of Get Dirty NYC! or a newcomer to the scene, we invite you to join the conversation. If you haven’t already, sign up as a member of GDNYC!, and jump in to the forums. Your neighbors across the five boroughs are waiting.

When New Yorkers start talking, great things can happen. We encourage you to reach out to each other. Let’s foster the good food movement by joining forces, online and in our neighborhoods. Come get dirty with us!

- CL


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