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Online Webinar Classes Help Connect Aspiring Farmers with Educators

If you’re interested in urban farming but not interested in a long commute to the city, Megan Paska has come up with a solution. You can now tune in to online seminars that guide you through the process of beekeeping in the city. More than just a clip on youtube, these seminars allow you to interact with Paska, ask her questions, and get a recommended reading and watching list for further resources. You can join her Sundays at 10am for a give-what-you-can donation. See her interview in Food+Tech or her event page for more details.

Lend a New Kind of Support to NYC Farms this Winter: Protect them from a Walmart Invasion

Now that Walmart is fully rooted in rural towns throughout America, they have to open stores in urban areas to continue their growth. New York City is clearly the focus of their new strategy. They have spent millions of dollars lobbying in New York in 2011 and have an entire campaign dedicated to wooing New Yorkers. Studies show that a new store would have a negative impact on food access and our local economy. Get the full scoop and find out how you can help in Civil Eats’ extensive analysis.